I am an artist.
I am a photographer.
I learned photography from some of Israel’s leading photographers (Yoel Sitrug, Doron Horovitz, Michal Heiman, & Jonathan Blum, to mention a few),
and then…
I turned around and threw it all away, to create something completely different.
(To be honest, I didn’t throw it all away; you can’t do without the basics…)

It’s probably in my genes. My grandfather was a photographer in Lithuania at the turn of the 20th century.
My father, though not a professional, was a prolific photographer most of his life. When he let me use his heavy camera – a not too frequent treat – I felt honored and proud.


photograph: Gal Peleg

By profession, I’m a “computer person” – one of the few to enter the field in Israel of the 1970′s. But by inclination, I guess I was always an artist.
After years of dabbling in just about any art form I encountered, at some point photography just took me over completely, and eventually came to define me as an artist.

Photography is beautiful and powerful, but there is no physical contact involved. My need to touch, caress, and form matter has brought me to sculpture, which I have been studying for a few years under the tutelage of sculptor David Peer, alongside my continued work in photography.

Paradoxically, while in the ethereal realm of photography I create only from what I actually see, in the material world of sculpture, my work is totally unattached to any tangible reality. Thus, what I create with my camera and what I create in materials – form two complementary parts of my art.