Fifty Shades of a Singer – Arik Einstein

invitation to the 2014 annual exhibition - Arik Einstein

The invitation to the 2014 annual exhibition of the Natanya Artists’ Society – Arik Einstein

The works of more than 50 artists, members of the Natanya Artists’ Society, are currently on display at the “Gallery on the Cliff” in Natanya. This is the 2014 annual exhibition of the Artists’ Society, and this year’s theme is Israel’s well-loved singer, Arik Einstein, who passed away last year.



In a wide variety of media, from painting, photography, prints, collages etc., to three-dimensional work in stone, wire, bronze and multi-media, we artists gave our personal interpretation of Arik the person and performer, in portraits, in works relating to some of his many well-known songs, and everything in-between.

The annual exhibition of the Natanya Artists' Society - Arik Einstein

The 2014 annual exhibition of the Natanya Artists’ Society shows over 50 works on Arik Einstein. At the Gallery on the Cliff


At the annual exhibition of the Natanya Artists' Society - Arik Einstein

Guests at the show, enyoying the art

Yesterday, May 30th, the festive Grand Opening of the exhibition was held, with Natanya’s Mayor, Ms. Feirberg-Ikar and many others, attending. This year’s 4 “Mayor’s Prizes” were given to: Arik Afek, Yuki Dvir, Tamar Nachshon & Dorit Magal for their participating artworks. Special Mention went to: Rachel Zanzuri, Dalia Langer, Arik Schneider & Daniella Klausner.

The Artists’ Society also gave awards, including one for outstanding activity in the society, that I was proud to receive.




There were only 3 rules to participate in the exhibition, and they were:
- the theme – Arik Einstein
- the size – 60×120 cm
- one, and only one artwork per artist.

I gave the issue quite a lot of time and deliberation:
Of course, I would create something new for this show. Of course, I would exhibit a fine art photograph. Now -
Should I illustrate one of his many beautiful songs? Nope, I felt that would be too simple.
Should I go to Tel-Aviv and find something interesting to photograph near his home or his grave? hmmmm…
Should I photograph a classical Israeli scene or landscape, something that is the epitome of Israeli-ness, like his songs?

The 60×120 format was also problematic, being unnatural to me, as a photographer.

But gradually, as it tends to, an idea materialized:
I would photograph a snail with silk flowing from it.
Now, this may seem strange to you, if you don’t know about Arik Einstein and his career, but there is an explanation:
In his mature years he retreated into his shell, stopped giving public performances, and mostly stayed home with friends and family. (That’s the snail…) But his singing continued to flow forth in recordings (and he used to have such a beautiful, silken singing voice, when he was young). And why red? Well, is there anything warmer? (Also, it was the nicest bit of silk I could find at the time…)

Oh, and the 60×120 constraint that bugged me?
I found it was part of what was guiding me towards the concept of the final work…

The annual exhibition of the Natanya Artists' Society - Arik Einstein

This is me explaining my artwork to artist Gila Stein, at the Arik Einstein exhibition at the Cliff Gallery in Natanya


So here’s my rendition of Arik Einstein – 1939 to 2013, hanging in the Gallery, as part of the annual exhibition.

(If you click on it, you’ll be forwarded to the full-screen photo, currently “Hot from the Oven”.)
I’d love to hear what you think.

By the way, the exhibition will be open till June 20th, so if you’re around, why don’t you stop by? If you give me fair warning, I may even be able to meet you there.

So, till next time -

                      Best wishes, and -
                      Keep looking for the beauty and light that are everywhere!

                                                  - Smadar



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