Hidden Life


I just realized that it’s been way too long since I’ve written anything new for my site.
I almost immediately came into another insight: that these posts don’t always have to be deep, highly meaningful, or necessarily educational.
As long as they say something about my life as an artist and a photographer, they have a place in this blog.

So I’ll try to make these updates less scarce, and some are going to be extremely short; like this one, now:

A day or two ago I opened the refrigerator and noticed a box way back in a corner.
I don’t remember it. Wonder how long it’s been there & what it could contain?

Opened it.

Saw a 3×3″ cube of greenish-grey velvet. What the…!? A leftover piece of casserole from… when?!? Covered (and I mean covered!) with mould.
Obviously – straight to the trash!

Then I stopped my hand in mid-motion.
The grey-green fungus was mottled with white, turquoise, a bit of blue; droplets of moisture. The topography was picturesque.
Hmmm… Quite beautiful, actually. The colors, the textures… Definitely interesting. Worth a few well-planned clicks of the shutter. (For the less initiated, that means – a few photographs.)

Lunar Landscape - Green-grey mould - Fine art photograph by Smadar Barnea - E20-1411-10-1761

Lunar Landscape (a green-grey mould)
Fine art photograph by Smadar Barnea
Item no. E20-1411-10-1761

I began with some straightforward photos of the terrain; continued with angles and effects that showed themselves as I worked.

To make a long story short -
As I do every so often, I gave the would-be-garbage a second life as a model for my art (and then sent it to its final resting place in the trash can…   :-) ).


Was it worth my time and effort? Was the “model” worthy of posterity?
Here are two results from the session.
You be the judge.

Galaxy 2 - Green-grey mould on a red background - Fine art photograph by Smadar Barnea - E20-1411-10-1764

Galaxy 2 – Green-grey mould on a red background – Fine art photograph by Smadar Barnea – E20-1411-10-1764


If you want to see two more, go to “Hot from the Oven“.


The only problem I was left with was the name of this post.

My first thought was

      Stale Leftovers, Anyone?

But that didn’t sound like something anyone would want to read…  ;-)

So, some other options I thought of, were:

     Hidden Beauty

     Secret Life in the Fridge

     Beauty in a Box

     Fascinating Fungus  or  Fantastic Fungus

As you can see, I chose to go with plain “Hidden Life”. 



Now that I’m writing these lines, it dawns on me: What if I’d left the box in the fridge for a few more months? What surprises would I find then?

Oh, well; maybe next time…

And till we meet again -

                      Best wishes, and -
                      Keep looking for the beauty and light that are everywhere!

                                                  - Smadar




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