Listen, I Just Have to Tell You About Yesterday’s Photography!!


Yellow Green & White 1 | from the ''Through the Looking Glass'' series | Fine Art Photograph by Smadar Barnea | E20-1404-22-10010Yesterday, I got started on a photography session. I had noticed a beautifully colored napkin, all green, yellow and white, which implored me to add it to my “Through the Looking Glass” series.
I couldn’t very well disappoint it; now, could I?
Set up my tripod and camera. Took some pictures. Pretty good…

Here’s one :




But then…
Wine-Red | Fine Art Photograph by Smadar Barnea | E20-1404-22-10036A touch of red caught my eye – a shiny red pepper, of all things!
And half a tomato. Hey, it’s red, too! (on a small black plate)
And right beside them – a tall glass of red wine.
This I hadn’t planned; but when the creative juices start flowing, there’s no telling where I’ll end up or what will happen.
So I set the three in an interesting composition, and did a few shots for the ”Through the Looking Glass” series (that’s where my head was, remember?).
But then I just let go, went out on a completely different tangent, and ended up creating some stuff, that just made me happy! I couldn’t stop smiling.

Here’s one from the red-black-&-white set.
It’s one of those photographs I make, where simple, mundane objects, even if recognizable as such, have graduated to become abstract shapes. And you know I love that… :-)

Anyway -
I was so excited with the results, that I just had to share my enthusiasm with you.
Now that I have, I’ll just sit back and wait for you to come and look.
I hope you’ll enjoy.
I’d love to hear from you, so please write your comments right here, at the end.
I hope you do; it’ll make me happy to see you’re there.

So, till next time -

                      Best wishes, and -
                      Keep looking for the beauty and light that are everywhere!

                                                  - Smadar


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