My first promotional clip is out!


Hi all!

I’ve just uploaded my first promotional clip. It’s a bit raw about the edges, but not too bad, I think. I chose to show some of the pictures from my “Through the Looking Glass” series, which I love.

Alas, I have no idea how to upload the clip into Youtube!
Does anybody have a suggestion? I’d appreciate it!

The short clip is in the “a bit About me” zone of the site, but it’s still only in Hebrew.
So you can see the clip here, but after you do, don’t forget to come back to the English, by clicking on the small  Blog 2014-03-18 PromoClip flag  flag at the top of the screen.


Smadar Barnea, artist - 1st PromoClip is out

Smadar Barnea, artist – 1st PromoClip is out


Thanks, see you again soon,

                      and, as always  -
                      Keep looking for the beauty and light that are everywhere!

                                                  - Smadar



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