The Artist


photographed by Gal Peleg

A third-generation photographer, Israeli artist Smadar Barnea takes the media a step forward, or perhaps sideways. Using only her camera (and her photographer’s vision), she creates free, evocative compositions. Captured during actual shutter-release, and usually fully planned and premeditated, Smadar’s creations are not a result of post-production. Digital art, she says, is fast becoming an art form in its own right, but is not how she, personally, creates.
“I am a photographer. I know and treasure the defining characteristic of photography, which is its inherent capability to capture reality. I have no wish to make it anything else. And because I do see all this beauty around me – I have no need to…” she says, smiling.

Ms. Barnea’s artistic statement originates from deep examination and sensitive observation of details. She is constantly guided by choices, some more obscure and subconscious, but many very cognizant and intentional. She often says that choosing to see and show the beauty and wonder that surrounds us and bringing joy to others through it, is one of the most important artistic decisions she has made. After all, this is the essence of photography: reality – “objective” reality – is always there, with the photographer choosing what to focus on, when to capture, and how to show it.

Like poetry, Smadar’s work is often succinct and minimal; she sometimes chooses to present us with seemingly insignificant details; but in either case, her style illuminates the image with new-found meaning and beauty, with surprising strength and unexpected value.
Although much of her work is abstract, its beauty opens a straightforward, easily accessible dialogue with the viewer, providing a delightful voyage of sensuality.

Smadar is a member in the Natanya Artists’ Society.
She has sold and exhibited her art in numerous exhibitions and shows, in Israel and in Europe.