My Monthly Photo Outing – Western Galil


Japanese Scroll | fine art photograph by Smadar Barnea | cat# E20-1511-06-5909

The light playing on the water & the gold color of the catfish create a picture not unlike a classic Japanese painting. ”Japanese Scroll” – Fine art photograph by Smadar Barnea, cat# E20-1511-06-5909

This last Friday we went on our monthly photo-trip.
(…”our” being the group of photographer-friends that I’ve been with for the past 10 years; if you’re following my blog, you’re already familiar with them/us.)


I was completely ready for the day to just pass, with nothing exceptional or noteworthy.
What eventually transpired was a lovely day, of which I enjoyed every moment. I let myself get lost in the beauty of all I saw, played around a lot, had fun with no intention of creating anything momentous (see, for instance, “Self Portrait Without a Fish”, below), and there are even a few good photos to show for it…

Self-Portrait Without a Fish | fine art photograph by Smadar Barnea | E20-1511-06-5924

There was a big fish near my reflection in the water, only he decided to move away just as I released the shutter! – ‘Self Portrait Without a Fish’ by Smadar Barnea, cat# E20-1511-06-5924













Our outing began relatively late, at beautiful Ein Afek, a park riddled with pools of water, alive with fish and vegetation all year long, still green after our long, dry summer!
I was surprised by the size of the pools, so vast after the long summer.
I was captivated by the catfish, playing hide-and-go-seek in the shade of the wooden bridges and walkways. (One photo here – the Japanese Scroll.)
Completely immersing myself in the calm, I felt I could stay there for hours!

But of course, I couldn’t. The group was moving on…

Aesthetics & Geometry at the Bahai Garden – fine art photograph by Smadar Barnea, cat# E20-1511-06-5960

Aesthetics & Geometry at the Bahai Garden – fine art photograph by Smadar Barnea, cat# E20-1511-06-5960


Next stop was at a little-known Bahai Garden not far from Acko (Acre), which is normally closed to visitors. We enjoyed a leisurely tour, refreshments and interesting explanations given by one of the Bahai community’s executives, Shervin. The overcast day wasn’t so grey that it could detract anything from our pleasure, and even the intermittent drizzle didn’t lessen the quiet calm of the gardens.





After a genial (and lengthy!) lunch, we concluded the day in Goren Park, finding the “Lost City” and the season’s first daffodils.


These are only 4 pictures for your enjoyment. There are more, of course. If you want to see them, feel free to contact me!


And until we meet again (which will be soon, I hope!)  –

                      Best wishes, and
                      Keep looking for the beauty and light that are everywhere!




Ein Afek Panorama | photo by Smadar Barnea | E20-1511-06-5932-37

Ein Afek panorama was created by merging 6 photographs.
Photo by Smadar Barnea cat E20-1511-06-5932-37#

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