So What Can Possibly Be Interesting in an Exhibition Entitled “Series”?

Yes; my work is going to be shown in another exhibition! 
The Natanya Artists’ Society is never idle.

But what a subject for an exhibition! So simple; piece of cake!
I called Arik Schneider, the curator: “I have so many “possibles” for this show. You know I often create in series, & I have quite a few good ones. Come over, see what I have, & choose whatever you prefer.”
Did he agree? No! “There’s no challenge in that. We all create in series more often than not. You could even say every exhibition is a series.” (If it’s curated well, and is kept on theme, I thought…) “What I want is for the idea of a series to be present in each separate work. You’re intelligent enough and creative enough to come up with something.”
OK. Thanks for the compliment, but –  WHAT????!!??

So, I had to do some “homework”.
Surfed the web some, to study the work of artists that Arik mentioned in his Call for Artists:
Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe paintings – copies of a single photograph, reprinted and individually retouched (see, for instance.) And he has numerous others in the same genre.
Ping! Something seems to be coming through…
Agnes Martin’s paintings: lines, squares, linen-like, recurring… (
Ping! Ping!
Walter De Maria, using recurring geometric shapes and bodies…
Ping! Ping! Ping!
Come to think of it – Bingo!

And now I can’t stop seeing series everywhere I look:
A staircase is a series;
A picket fence is a series;
Cars in a parking-lot, and cars lined up at a red light – are series;
Street lamps are a series;
Trees in an orchard or a ploughed field – are both series;
People waiting in line; Stuff on a supermarket shelf;
Oh my! This never stops!
So now I just have to decide what to use.

At first I thought of stairs. I have some interesting photos, and can create some new ones.
Next I thought of high-risers. Hmmm… The Azrieli towers, perhaps? No… that’s been overdone ad nausium.
Maybe an apartment building; with the balconies all the same, yet each distinctly different? Sounds good. Now, where can I find one that’s big enough and interesting enough, yet photograph-able without a helicopter (which I have no intention of hiring  :-? ) That was a tall order, but I found one.
First a trip to see if I can actually capture the building on camera, then a rough draft made up of 5 – 6 photos.
Yup. It works.
Second trip. 20 – 30 photos. Merging the best set into a panorama. Yikes! I’m not good at this Photoshop thing! (I don’t use it. I don’t need it: I show what I photograph; it’s part of what I believe.) Oh, well. Nose to the grindstone for a few hours. Then for a few more. (That’s what you get when you resolve to use a tool that you have, until now, intentionally resolved not to use :-?  )
And the result is “64 Ha’Aliya St, Tel-Aviv” :

64 HaAliya St. Tel-Aviv | Panorama of anapartment bldg. | E20-1402-9468

The exhibition opens tomorrow, Wednesday, February 12th, at 6:00 PM.
You are all invited!

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