Wow! What a fog!

Not good for traffic; gorgeous for anyone who looks for the beauty and light everywhere!

We don’t usually have such heavy fogs, so naturally, I got all excited & went out to get some photography going.
You see, I have a wonderful gift of observation, but if I want others to enjoy the beauty, too, I have to capture the image in my camera.
So off I went, into the mist   ;-)

Foggy Night  | fine  art photograph by Smadar Barnea | E20-1501-25-3619

Foggy Night | fine art photograph by Smadar Barnea | E20-1501-25-3619

Just for a bit…
At some point, I decided I’d seen & done enough, & it was time to get back home, but then on the way, I saw something new, which I just had to capture; and then again, and again
I ended up driving around and wielding my camera for over two & a half hours (!)
And I’m talking about 01:30 am, in case you haven’t noticed the hour (here in Israel…)

Anyway, if I’m going to publish this tonight, while it’s fresh, I’d better stop talking, attach the photo I’ve chosen to show you, and just get this out.

[  Which, I'm proud to say - I immediately did.
But if you already read the post then, when I aired it, you may have noticed by now that I've made some changes & additions. I wanted to post it immediately, but now, after a few hours' sleep, I can add some tidbits.
So read on.  ]

To put it mildly, this thick a fog is hazardous for anyone on the road, whether on wheels or on foot; so I took all precautions: turned on my hazard lights, parked only in the safest, best lighted places, wore a reflecting vest when outside my car, and kept a constant lookout for… whatever.

But -
Can I say in all honesty, that I was cautious and risk-free all the time?
Don’t tell anyone, but the photo I’m posting here was shot standing in the middle of the street (  8-O )…
and on a tripod…
OK, OK, don’t get all worked up! I was very careful!
I took all my metering and did all my settings, including focus and aperture, at (relative) leisure, by the side of the road, made sure there were no headlights anywhere in sight, and ventured briefly into the road only to “click” and wait for the exposure to complete.
And yet – in the middle of the road!…?!

Anyway, this is the result, and I think it was worth it (especially since I carried it off with no unwelcome consequence…)
Want to see another one? click here


So till next time -

                      Best wishes, and -
                      Keep looking for the beauty and light that are everywhere!

                                                  - Smadar





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